Access iCloud From Web

iCloud is one of the best cloud storage service that we’ll see out there. Although there are many other cloud storage services this service is one of the best. So knowing that it is one of the finest of course it is quite reliable too. It allows you to store your important photos, videos and other files from any Apple devices. But iCloud is much more flexible than ever.

It is available on Windows or PC platform too. We can now use iCloud from both Apple devices and PC too. So the big question here is how do we access iCloud from web?



There are basically two ways you can access iCloud via PC. The first one is quite easy and probably everyone’s familiar with this method. Without any further ado lets jump to the steps itself.


  • Open any web browser.
  •  Enter your Apple ID and Password on their respective fields.
  • After you are logged in to your iCloud account you can easily use numerous feature that it provides. Among the many services you can store photos, create backup, locate your lost Apple devices and many more. However, there is an official software of Apple designed for Windows platform only. iCloud Control Panel allows you to use the service just as on any other Apple platforms.


Here’s how you set up iCloud for Windows in few steps:


·         Download iCloud Control Panel.


·         After the completion of the download, make sure you install the file.


  • Open the app enter your Apple ID and Password to login.
  • Check if you want to be up-to-date with the given features. If you want to put a tick mark on the service and click Apply.
  • Once you are through with the above procedure Windows automatically creates folders. The folders consists of your photos which are on your iCloud drive. Now you can successfully share, view your photos from your PC too. It even allows you to access your iCloud Drive. Keep up to date with your iCloud contacts, mails, calendar etc.